Meet @jacquelineadan44 This is her weight loss story

Meet @jacquelineadan44


Meet @jacquelineadan44 I have always struggled with my weight. 4 1/2 years ago,I found myself weighing more than I could ever imagine. I set off on a journey to not only lose weight, but to also change my life. Through diet, exercise and unconditional love and support from my family, friends, and fiancé Kevin, I started my journey and haven’t looked back. I am down 300+ pounds and I just had the first of several skin removal surgeries. I decided to start this account to express myself and share how I am feeling and what I am going through as I continue my journey! I am hoping that through my journey, I can help inspire and motivate others. Starting tip: make sure that you are doing it for yourself when you are ready. Don’t start for anyone else or to look like someone else, but do it for you! Always remember that if you believe in yourself and work hard…ANYTHING…is possible! #wlstories….for more transformations follow us on @wlstories on Instagram.



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