Meet: @casey_case__ This is her weight loss story.

Meet: @casey_case__


Meet: @casey_case__ I was always a big girl and by my 16th birthday I hit my highest weight of 125kgs. I was constantly bullied for being so big and got so bad that I could no longer fit into my school uniform! I felt worthless – I hated myself and this is when I began my journey! My family always motivated and supported me but my main drive was for me to be happy with myself and to be happy and healthy in my own skin! I have lost a total of 55kgs and still going! I now love me more than I loved food! I wish to motivate and help others who are in the situation I was, I would love to share my story to hopefully help others and to be there for advice or to just inspire! To me body positive is purely loving the skin you’re in, no matter what anyone else says or how you get compared – it’s loving who you are and you are perfect in you’re own unique way. No goal is impossible, dream big because each individual is so much stronger than they think! Starting tip: You can do anything you put your mind to! #wlstories . . . More pics of this transformation available on our snapchat; username: wlstories

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