Meet: @Loseitconkatie This is her weight loss story.

Meet: @Loseitconkatie This is her weight loss story.


Meet: @loseitconkatie I stared this journey in 2013 after I had my second child. I was 5’1″ and 210 pounds. I felt trapped inside of a body that wasn’t mine, and because of this , it was hard to look myself in the eye. I struggled with simple tasks like going for a walk with my kids. I knew I had to try and change. I adopted the attitude, fake it until you make it, and I did just that. Everyday I came to understand that I was strong, smart capable and worthy. It wasn’t easy. In fact, most of this was extremely difficult. I started this journey because I was desperate to change, and I fell in love with the simple fact that I was capable of doing the things I did not believe I could. Strong, Smart, Capable, Worthy. I used to repeat this to myself daily. It was first strong enough…. then smart enough… and so on. Worth I found. It was already there, but it was discovered. Starting tip: You can have the how and you can have the why or you can have both. Knowing how to do it is only half the battle. Understanding you are worth the fight? The other half. #wlstories

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