Meet: @GiuliasJourney This is her weight loss story.

Meet: @GiuliasJourney This is her weight loss story.


Meet: @giuliasjourney In 2015, after the worst year and a half of my life, I decided to change and starting this amazing journey. Within that time my ex boyfriend had cheated on me, and for this reason I was really depressed and I hadn’t no idea of what to do with my life. So I started eating healthier and working out 4 times a week. This saved my life. Now I’m very happy to be who I am. I’m grateful to help other people just to make them realize this change is possible. I started following wlstories from the beginnings of my wl journey and I think it really helps to keep you motivated. We have to help each other and wl stories does an amazing job because no matter what size you are or in what phase of you wl story you are, you deserve to be helped and to get the right attention. Hope my journey could help some of you. Starting tip: look yourself in the mirror,forgive yourself and start thinking about your new life and new opportunities. Give yourself a second chance because you deserve to be happy and confident. And if you start working on your body,you will. It just takes time but it’s worth it. #wlstories . . . More pics of this transformation on our snapchat; username: wlstories

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