Meet @SeeCeeShrink This is her weight loss story.

Meet @SeeCeeShrink This is her weight loss story.


Meet @SeeCeeShrink My name is Ashley Cee, i’m 26 yrs old & am currently down 120 lbs since June 2015. I have been overweight all of my life, and made several attempts to lose the weight in all of the wrong ways – weight loss pills, countless crash diets, starvation, etc. Nothing stuck until i realized that there are absolutely no shortcuts for successful, sustainable, healthy weight loss. I got educated using every resource available – books, google, fitness articles/magazines, & social media, made a plan, and set it to action. My weight was at the forefront of my insecurities and a hindering my joy, it was even starting to affect my health, and i lost both my Father & Grandfather to obesity related illnesses within 2 years. I knew it was time to get serious about my health & happiness right away. With all that education I found the diet plan that worked best for me -Paleo, started my workout regimen with Home Fitness DVD’s from Beachbody T25, Zumba, walking 30+ min/day, & strength training. I track my progress by weighing in weekly, taking progress pics & Tracking my macros/water intake daily. Education made all the difference between my current Successful & previous Failed weight loss attempts, which is why a lot of us fall into yo-yo dieting. There is so much misinformation out there, that most of us just don’t know what to do or where to start. With my page I hope to inspire others with my journey, lead by example, & share All that i know/learn as i Succeed. Starting tip: Think of your diet more in terms of what you need to eat, rather than avoid. Have you had enough water today? Protein? Vitamins? Fruit? #wlstories . . . More pics of this transformation available on our snapchat; username: wlstories

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